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Frequently Asked Questions
Revalidation FAQ's  

1.  Why must I revalidate?
     Federal Regulation at 42 CFR 455.414 requires States to complete revalidation of enrollment of all providers, regardless of provider type, at least every five (5) years. As part of this required revalidation process, States must revalidate the enrollment information and collect updated disclosures from all providers.

2.  How often will providers be required to revalidate?
     All providers are required to revalidate their information every five years.

3.  Can I submit my revalidation prior to receiving notification?
     No. Your revalidation notification will be sent to the current Mail Other address noted on your provider file. If there is no Mail Other address noted on your file, the notification will be sent to the Billing Address. Instructions for submitting your revalidation through the web portal are included within the letter. Your complete revalidation should be submitted prior to the due date noted on the letter to prevent termination.

4.  I didn't receive a Revalidation Notice letter, does this mean I don't have to revalidate?
     No, all providers who have been enrolled in the MS Medicaid Program for at least five (5) years must revalidate. Please contact Conduent Provider Enrollment at 800-884-3222 to verify your enrollment status and your revalidation due date.

5.  Who do I contact if I have questions about supporting documents required to be submitted with my revalidation document?
     Questions related to supporting documents and the status of your revalidation application should be directed to Conduent Provider Enrollment at 800-884-3222.

6.  How can I submit my revalidation?
     To expedite the process, complete the provider revalidation through the web portal at on or before the due date. If you are not a registered user, you can find the registration instructions for becoming a web portal user by clicking the "web registration" link.

7.  Will revalidation be done on paper?
     No, when providers revalidate they will have and must access their revalidation electronically through the web portal at This will allow providers to enter their own information and will streamline the revalidation process. Providers who are unable to revalidate using the web portal should contact Conduent Provider Enrollment at 800-884-3222.

8.  Where can I find additional information on the revalidation process?
     You can find information regarding the revalidation process on the MS Medicaid Envision website at

9.  Do I have to submit an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement (EFT) with the revalidation document?
     An EFT Authorization Agreement is not required to be submitted with the revalidation document. However, the banking information currently on file will be displayed after the revalidation document has been submitted. If you need to make changes to the banking information on file, you will be given the opportunity to complete and submit an updated Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement (EFT).

10.  Will I be contacted if my revalidation document is found to be incomplete or missing information?
     Yes, a letter will be sent via regular mail requesting the missing information. All information noting the revalidation tracking number is due back within 15 days of the date of the letter. Please ensure you have addressed all required items prior to submitting. Failure to submit the required documentation will result in termination of your participation with Mississippi Medicaid.

11.  What happens if I am a provider working for more than one group?
     Individual providers are required to submit only one revalidation, regardless of how many groups with which that individual is associated.

12.  Which address is the Revalidation Notice letter mailed to?
     The revalidation letter is mailed to the "Mail Other" address currently noted on your provider file. If there is no Mail Other address noted on your file, the notification will be sent to the Billing Address. To insure proper notification, please validate your addresses.

13.  I need more time to complete my revalidation application. How can I request an extension?
     There will be ample time to complete the revalidation process therefore no extension will be given.

14.  What happens when my revalidation document is submitted?
     The revalidation document is reviewed by the Provider Enrollment Unit to make sure that it is complete. Based on 42 CFR ยง 455.450, the state must conduct a full screening appropriate to the provider's risk level (refer to the Provider Risk Level Information). Depending on the risk level assigned, the requirement may include site visits and fingerprint-based background checks (FCBC) which the provider must comply with. Providers will then be notified of the revalidation status. If the revalidation is denied for any reason, the provider will then have to submit a re-enrollment through the regular enrollment process.

15.  How do I know if I need to do a fingerprint-based criminal background check with this process?
     All providers designated as "high risk" are required to undergo a fingerprint-based criminal background check (FCBC). The FCBC notification/instruction letter(s) will be sent separately by the Division of Medicaid's contractor (noting DOM logo) to each individual provider and each person(s) with a 5 percent or more direct or indirect ownership interest in the provider. Failure to undergo a fingerprint-based background check within the designated time frame will result in termination of Mississippi Medicaid provider participation.

16.  What do I include with my revalidation packet?
     There are two required forms which must be completed and uploaded in the Submission Section. These forms are: Provider Disclosure Form and Medical Assistance Participation Agreement. Please view the Form/Instructions page for further assistance.

17.  Once I submit my revalidation packet, how long until it is processed?
     Processing time is dependent upon when you submit your completed revalidation form(s).