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Training Materials
Listed below are training materials used to educate providers about Medicaid.
APC Outpatient Hospital Payment Method for Mississippi Medicaid

APR-DRG Inpatient Hospital Payment Method for Mississippi Medicaid

Adjusting and Voiding Claims

Adjusting and Voiding Claims Non-WINASAP

Anesthesia Reimbursement Methodology (as of 10/01/2003)

Common Pharmacy Billing Errors

Hospice - Top Denials

Hospital - Top Denials

Remittance Advice (RA) Policy / Information

Web Portal Pharmacy PA Submission Guide

Web Portal Pharmacy PA Submission Guide - Additional Instructions from Webinar

eQHS - Certification (Prior Authorization) Requirements

eQHS - Certification Process Changes under APR-DRGs

Computer-based Training
Listed below are Computer-based Training (CBT) Programs that can be downloaded for later use.
CMS-1500 Billing Instructions

K-Baby - Identification Numbers for Newborns

MS Medicaid Policy Updates (as of 01/20/2006)

Maternity Admissions for Deliveries

Pre-certification for Therapy Services / Billing Instructions

Remittance Advice Training

Top Denials for Hospital Providers

Top Denials for Physician Group Providers

UB-92 Billing Instructions

Web Portal Total Parenteral Nutrition - Billing Instructions